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How ProposalHelper Services Work

"Everyday, valuable opportunities are being passed by companies because they just don't have proposal resources. Large and Small businesses ask this question everyday - how can we respond to more proposals?"

Speed, agility, and responsiveness are critically essential to winning new business. If you have ever written a proposal, you know the challenges:

  • What should the proposal contain?
  • What are all these instructions – how do we get started?
  • We only have few days to respond, where can we get technical writers?
  • We have proposals going on now, how can we take on more?

If you've had experience working on Federal proposals, you know how important it is to start working ASAP.

ProposalHelper is your ultimate proposal management and consulting service for Government proposals and commercial proposals. We can give you the proper documents you need to respond to your requests for proposals and get started developing your proposal ideas. At ProposalHelper we strive to meet two main objectives:

1.Handling your prep work – Including tailored Proposal Outlines, Compliance Matrix, and a Recommended Proposal Schedule. You can forget worrying about changes due to amendments. You get updated proposal outlines with specific information of what changed.

2.Freeing up your resources – We do the leg work for you so whether you are a large company with several Proposal Managers or a small company just getting started with the contracting business, get a jump start on your proposals.

Once you've received your Government RFP, ProposalHelper helps get you started by offering the following services:

  • Proposal outlines tailored to RFP instructions
  • Cross-Reference Matrix (CRM)
  • Suggested Proposal Schedule
  • Proactive Updates on Amendments
  • Proposal Kickoff Package
  • Compliance Matrix for reviewers
  • Production Checklist
  • Independent Content Review (ICR)
  • Proposal Editing
  • Proposal Formatting
  • Graphics (new/recreation)

All documents are fully editable using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

ProposalHelper also offers other services such as proposal writing, training, and process setup. For a more complete list of our services, visit our Services We Offer.