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ProposalHelper Services

ProposalHelper's on-demand proposal solutions include :

  • Proposal Packages: Instantly download proposal outlines that are tailored to each specific RFP. Proposal packages include fully annotated proposal outlines that jump-start and help you complete writing your proposal. Each required volume will have a separate outline in Microsoft Word so you can start writing today!

  • ProposalSupport: ProposalHelper offers turnkey proposal writing services from administrative support to leading the solutions development (with subject matter experts as solutions architects) to final production-ready files. Here are the various services available to clients:
    • Overall concept of operations developed by subject matter experts : ProposalHelper has a wide network of solutions architects that are professional experts in their field. We use them to develop the CONOPS, communicate the vision to the technical writing team, and then shift to reviewer status and guide the writing. This keeps costs low and focuses on the solution architect’s core strength. This option works well for all companies – regardless of the size.
    • Technical Writing Service: Technical writers to carry the solutions architect's vision forward and translate it into compliant proposal language. Our team of technical writers is well-versed in various technologies and management methodologies. They are true partners with solutions architects and write in context of the RFP. This means they make sense out of highly technical lingo, and easily articulate the ideas and innovations all within the compliance boundaries of the RFP.
    • Independent Review Team: Subject matter experts who participate in your team as independent reviewers and review the proposal for content relevance and compliance. We evaluate the proposal using tailored checklists, identify gaps, and provide guidance on course correction at critical milestones in the proposal process.
    • Proposal Library Setup: Companies seem to create and recreate proposal content over and over, or they go to the most current submitted proposal and copy/paste content without tailoring. Setup a reusable proposal library and let us maintain it so it remains relevant over time. With our wide experience having setup numerous proposal libraries, we relate it to your organization and recommend best-practices learned from being actual users of a lot of corporate boilerplates and shared folders. With content organization, your company will tremendously streamline proposal responses and provide a consistent message.
    • Proposal Training: Web-based and in-house classroom-based training, we bring extensive experience training your staff in end-to-end commercial and Government proposal response process. We offer proprietary proposal training workshops that are current and relevant to the way proposals are managed. Proposal centers are a thing of the past. Train your staff on today’s practical ways of working on proposals. Perfect for geographically dispersed teams across the world.