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ProposalHelper Promotes Dr. Troy Tyre

Herndon, VA.- November 27, 2019- Government contract proposal consulting company, ProposalHelper is pleased to announce that Dr. Troy Tyre has been promoted to the position of Vice President, U.S. Operations / Delivery Solutions. Previously, he was the Director of Proposals. In his new position, Dr. Tyre manages Government and Commercial proposal development activities and is responsible for U.S. Operations, the proposal team, and graphics team.

Dr. Tyre brings over 35 years of industry experience in proposal planning and development, coordination, text-graphics integration, reviews and publication. With a background in the complete business life cycle, from opportunity identification and assessment to specific organizational criteria, solution architecture, proposal writing, and managing, he applies technical and project management expertise to develop contents based on technical SME interviews and discussion.  He has published over seventeen articles in various journals. “I am proud to be a part of the ProposalHelper team. From the CEO to the newest employee, this company fosters a culture of continuous education, professional growth, and career progression. Our employees are positive, proactive, and always eager to go above and beyond, driving our success to new levels each and every day.” said Dr. Tyre.

Ms. Reena Bhatia, CEO, adds,” I am proud and excited to announce the promotion of Dr. Tyre to the position of Vice President of Delivery Solutions. This is an extremely important and key position in our company and we are truly fortunate to have a consummate professional and a true leader step up to lead our entire delivery team. Dr. Tyre is a trusted member of our team and highly regarded and respected by all our employees and our clients.”

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