How to Use Business Networking to Win Government Contracts

Porter Gale once said, “Your network is your net worth.” Over time, this statement has turned into an unwritten truth, making networking the “pot of gold” for anyone doing business.

In the field of government contracting, networking can be an effective tool to increase business with federal agencies and subcontracting partners. Here are three ways to use networking to win your next government contract:

Always do your research

Knowing the audience at the event you plan to attend always helps you prepare ahead of time. Don’t hesitate to ask the organizer for the names of attendees so you can have a plan. If that’s not possible due to who is organizing the networking event, look up the organization’s member directory to get an idea. Have a plan for what you want to achieve and what you plan to do after the event. Understand your prospect’s business needs and steer the conversation in a way that allows him or her to see your business as the right fit.

Maintain an online presence

The dawn of the digital era has brought with it several faster, more convenient methods of communication. Stay connected beyond one meeting by connecting with people through LinkedIn or other relevant social media platforms. Stay on top by posting industry-relevant blogs and posts that show up in your contacts’ feeds. Have a “social media to in-person” contact plan to turn these contacts into customers.

Keep in touch

In the highly competitive industry of government contracting, making a good first impression is just the beginning. Want to maintain a lasting business relationship? You need to follow up! There are no two ways about it. Leverage social media platforms to make new connections and keep in touch with them. The easiest way to do so is to like/comment on their LinkedIn posts, engage with them through direct messages, or share thought leadership articles and blogs on shared interests.

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