Will opportunities begin to shrink in the Federal market for Small Businesses?

Between the Small Business Runway Extension Act, CMMC, and the Federal Spending Budget, what should small businesses expect? Is it actually possible for opportunities to shrink for small businesses? Join us for a 30-minute webinar to discuss what Tonya Saunders of Washington Premier Group (WPG) has to share. Tonya Saunders offers business intelligence insight and expert advice to GovCons with deep understanding of the ‘politics behind the scenes’. Learn how your business development efforts might be impacted from a respected lobbyist with over 20 years of experience working on the Hill.

Thinking through the politics of business development is not just for the large businesses. This information packed webinar will shed light on how your competitors leverage WPG to advocate for them. Tonya has been very generous with her time supporting ProposalHelper clients get face time with agency decision makers. We are excited to host Tonya Saunders of Washington Premier Group (WPG) and founder of Mid-Tier Advocacy (MTA) to broaden the way we think about business development.

Topics to be discussed:
1) What should we expect from various changes proposed to the SB rules?
2) Role of lobbyists and how Mid and Large Business (MLBs) use influencers to push their agenda
3) What can SBs do to improve their positioning using resources like WPG?
4) Brief note on Mid-Tier Advocacy (MTA)