How To Prepare Your Organization for CMMC?

Most have heard of CMMC, but how does your organization truly prepare? In this webinar, we talk about common concerns over CMMC and how to prepare as a government contracting organization. The presentation will cover:

– Overview of CMMC
– What the differences are between the certification Levels
– RPO, C3PAO, app… What are the differences
– What does the entire process look like
– What are the costs and is there an opportunity to recoup the investment.
– Will CMMC be a requirement beyond DoD
– Does this only apply to Prime Contractors and not Subs

Date: April 09, 2021.

Time: 12:00 PM (EST)

Speaker: Ali Allage, Chief Executive officer BlueSteel Cybersecurity, LLC

Moderator and Host: Ken Fang, President Mobomo, LLC